Our Story

Epiphany Soul is committed to helping adolescent youth in McLennan and surrounding counties.

Epiphany Soul is a nonprofit organization in Mclennan County that is focused on community building by providing shelter and aid, including referral services, to adolescent youth who have been exposed to street living or abuse. We also do what we can to support families of adolescent youth to maintain family continuity.

Epiphany comes from the Greek meaning “appearance” or “manifestation” (epiphaneia). Epiphany celebrates the appearance of the Son of God among us as — both fully divine and fully human.

Epiphany Soul was founded by Kim Tatum, a working class citizen dedicated to community enrichment.

Please call 512-831-9689 or email kim@epiphanysoul.org or send a message through the contact us page. If you are a student, you can also reach out to your school counselor who is also able to reach us.

Any person or organization can sponsor a student, family or project. Student profiles (no pictures) are provided to maintain privacy unless otherwise noted by the student. We provide shelter to families of adolescent youth whom we help, otherwise referral services are provided.

Goods for the Soul is our warehouse slogan. Epiphany Soul is a community redistribution partner for Good 360, a national nonprofit that sources goods from major retailers.

Goods vary depending on the season. In general, paper goods, household products, clothing, shoes, hygiene products, toys, mattresses, etc.

We work with nonprofit, faith-based and school organizations only. Epiphany Soul does not service individuals except in the case where a written referral (via email/text) and receipt of pre-paid goods can be confirmed.

Orders can only be placed after organizational verification is complete. Verification can take up to 24hrs. This verification is part of Good 360's policies to maintain integrity with retail donors. You can register online by creating an organizational account and uploading the required documentation. There is a place on the registration form to identify up to 4 persons from the organization who can visit the warehouse on behalf of the organization. Only those 4 individuals will be allowed entry.

The warehouse is a service to organizations who are building a stronger community. Goods are pennies on the dollar. Those pennies in turn keep the warehouse operating for you and your clients. Epiphany Soul does not profit from this service.